Student Representative Council (SRC)

Students elect a representative body called Student Representative Council (SRC) to represent them in all college matters. As a student at Stratford College London all registered students are represented by the College Student Representative Council (SRC). The SRC is a platform from which students are able to voice their opinions and concerns relating to any educational or social issues at the College, with a view to enhancing the student experience as a whole. Stratford College London is committed to creating a rewarding, challenging and valuable working environment for all its students and therefore actively seeks the feedback of students through SRC.

Student Representatives are elected and also make part of the Staff-Student Liaison Committee.  Student Representatives will attend departmental Committee meetings and raise any issues they have in relation to their learning experiences, their activities at the College and any opportunities they would like to see made possible. Any student of the College has the opportunity to be elected onto the SRC, whether on a full time, part time or distance learning programme and either EU or Home students.
The Student-Staff Liaison Committee or SSLC provides a link between the student body and the College staff. The existence of the SSLC permits a discussion on issues that don’t fit within the stricter remit of the Academic Board.  We value this formal method of communication between students and staff and at all times appreciate the feedback of students.   The SSLC will meet twice a semester and will be a student led discussion.  Providing an opportunity for students to discuss teaching, learning and student support in an open manner, the SSLC is a vital channel of communication. The College will consult with the SSLC on any proposals to make changes to courses.

The College recognises it as the responsibility of the Student Representatives to gather feedback from the class groups they are representing, in order to engage in constructive and worthwhile discussions. In turn, they then expect the outcome of these discussions to be reported back to their fellow students. The ultimate objective of the SSLC is to work with their departments to find solutions to any problems that they encounter.
Student Representatives are elected democratically by each class group in a ballot, organised by the Principal, or academic support staff. Each group will nominate their representative. The decision of the class is normally indicated by a show of hands or ballot paper. This ballot is conducted in the sixth week of the course.