NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Aviation Operations on the Ground (Knowledge)

This qualification is designed for learners interested in aviation operations. This qualification aims to:
♦ provide learners with skills in health, safety, security and communications required to work within an Aviation Environment
♦ develop learners skills in specific aviation functions
Achieving this qualification learners are required to successfully complete three mandatory units and ten optional units and one additional unit.

  • Unit 01 Health and Safety within aviation
  • Unit 02 Aviation Security
  • Unit 03 Aviation communications
  • Unit 04 Airport check in services
  • Unit 05 Aircraft boarding and arrival services
  • Unit 06 Airport baggage processing
  • Unit 07 Loading and unloading of aircraft
  • Unit 08 Airport baggage facilities
  • Unit 09 Aviation passengers with special requirements
  • Unit 10 Aircraft load instructions report
  • Unit 11 Aircraft marshalling
  • Unit 12 Support flight operations
  • Unit 13 Aircraft dispatch process
  • Unit 14 Employment Right and Responsibilities in the Passenger Transport Sector

Six months
Entry Requirements:
*A minimum age of 18
*A good level of written English
Internally assessed and externally moderated portfolio. Candidates must successfully complete unit to be awarded the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Aviation Operations on the Ground (Knowledge)

*Course commencement – Subject to number of student applications