London is one of the world’s most exciting capital cities with a rich history. It is a place where people live and work and it is also a student city with many universities, colleges, schools and other institutions of learning, and a lively international student environment.

Living and studying in London can be very rewarding and puts you at the centre of great social, cultural and educational opportunities. This great city caters for a wide variety of different tastes, styles, fashions, cultures and communities, and offers an enormous range of sights and historical buildings which are some of the most enjoyable things to see and experience.

London consists of many areas. The City of London is the centre of international finance and Westminster is the seat of government. The West End of London is a place of shopping and entertainment and has many famous landmarks, museums and art galleries. The West End is very vibrant with many restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, cinemas, theatres, shops and places of entertainment. It is a place where students can relax and enjoy themselves.

For many students although academic studies are a priority, it is important that they enjoy the full experience of living and studying in London . We hope that students will take advantage of every opportunity to make the most of their stay in this fascinating city and make it an experience of a lifetime.