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The College offers extra support in literacy, language, numeracy and in a variety of skills to help you to learn and achieve your chosen qualification. There is also support available for a range of physical, sensory or medical needs. College has appointed dedicated staff to offer ALS to our students.

What is available?

We offer support in reading, writing, speaking, study skills and numeracy. This can be provided in a number of ways:

  • An ALS teacher in one of your classes
  • Extra one-on-one sessions
  • Extra workshops and/or drop-in sessions

Useful links:
Student Finance
NUS Extra

Apart from giving individual advice, Career Services / Welfare Officers run regular workshops on topics like postgraduate study, how to put together a CV and covering letter, and improving your application and interview techniques.
We either arrange trips to exhibitions, seminars, visits to companies (please see Fees List for charges) or invite companies or business to visit our college and give presentations. We also place adverts or notices on a broad range of jobs, employers, and opportunities for further study, both in the UK and overseas. Please speak to a Career Services / Welfare Officers for Advice, Guidance, and Information at a drop-in session. These are one-to-one discussions, up to 15 minutes long.


Career Services / Welfare Officers recommends that you also register with, providers of the official national graduate careers web site with a range of services for students and graduates, with whom we work in close partnership.


Prospects planner is an online career exploration tool for Higher Education students and graduates. You will be asked a series of questions about your skills, interests, and motivations. Prospects planner can help you to:

  • Identify what you want out of a job; generate new job ideas and check out your existing ones.
  • Find out what motivates you in a job; identify your skills and what you can offer to the job/employer.
  • See how these match the jobs you are considering.
  • Research your chosen jobs in more detail, compare your options, and decide on the right choices for you.




Our students who successfully complete the HND course can also progress on to BA (Hons) top up in Business Administration in a number of UK universities. Others have gone on to careers in sectors such as sales, IT, recruitment, Hospitality, Teaching and financial services.

Some useful websites for jobs:

Useful websites for Recruitment

1 Job                                                                         
All jobs UK                                                               
All The Top Bananas                                              
Career Builder                                                         
Click A Job                                                               
CV Browser                                                              
CV Library                                                                
E-Teach UK                                                              
Job is Job                                                                 
Job Rapido                                                               
Jobs 24                                                                     
Jobs AC                                                                     
Jobs Online                                                              
Jobs Today                                                                                                                               
London Jobs                                                            
Simply Hired                                                            
Super Job                                                                 
The Guardian Jobs                                                 
Total Jobs                                                                
UK Net Guide                                                          
UK Start Up Jobs                                                     
Universal Jobmatch                                               
Aviation Jobsearch                                                 
Jobs In Space                                                           
Agriculture, Fishing & Forestry
AG Careers                                                              
Farmer’s Weekly                                                    
Secs In The City                                                       
Careers In Recruitment                                         
Office Angels                                                           
Sec Recruit                                                              
Michael Page                                                          
Office Recruit                                                          
Clearly Secretarial Jobs Ltd.                                 
Best Admin                                                              
Tate Recruitment                                                   
The Caterer                                                             
In Catering                                                               
Charity Job                                                              
Third Sector Jobs                                                    
Just Construction                                                   
Careers In Construction                                        
TES Connect                                                            
Education Jobs                                                        
Simply Education                                                   
The Educator                                                           
Education Jobs                                                        
Teacher Active                                                        
Just Engineers                                                         
Top Engineering                                                     
Engineer Board                                                       
Orion Group                                                            
The Structural Engineer                                        
Engineering & Technology Jobs                           
Engineering Jobs                                                    
Finance, Banking & Insurance
City Jobs                                                                   
eFinancial Careers                                                  
Accountancy Age                                                   
Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
Banking Jobs                                                           
Top Financial Jobs                                                  
Insurance Jobs Board                                            
Insurance Jobs                                                        
Online Insurance Jobs                                           
Graduate Jobs, Schemes & Internships
The Careers Group                                                                                                              
The National Apprenticeship Service                 
Inside Careers                                                         
Graduate Jobs                                                         
Intern Wise                                                              
Health & Nursing
National Health Service                                        
The British Medical Journal                                  
Human Resources
HR Jobs                                                                    
Simply HR                                                                
Information Technology
CW Jobs                                                                   
Telecoms Jobsource                                              
Techno Jobs                                                            
Purely IT                                                                   
Hewett Recruitment                                              
Media, Digital & Creative
Only Digital Jobs                                                     
Media Week                                                            
Job Opp O                                                                
Defence Jobs                                                           
Today’s Military                                                      
Part Time & Temporary
Time Wise                                                                
Working Mums                                                       
UK Temps                                                                
Estates Gazette                                                      
Property Week                                                       
Jobs In Property                                                     
Retail & Sales
In Retail                                                                    
Simply Sales                                                            
Jobs In Science                                                        
Science Buddies                                                      
CK Science                                                               
Social Services
British Social Work                                                 
Community Care Jobs                                           
Travel, Leisure & Tourism
Leisure Jobs                                                             
Travel Search                                                          
The Global Work & Travel Company                  

Students elect a representative body called Student Representative Council (SRC) to represent them in all college matters. As a student at Stratford College London all registered students are represented by the College Student Representative Council (SRC). The SRC is a platform from which students are able to voice their opinions and concerns relating to any educational or social issues at the College, with a view to enhancing the student experience as a whole. Stratford College London is committed to creating a rewarding, challenging and valuable working environment for all its students and therefore actively seeks the feedback of students through SRC.

Student Representatives are elected and also make part of the Staff-Student Liaison Committee.  Student Representatives will attend departmental Committee meetings and raise any issues they have in relation to their learning experiences, their activities at the College and any opportunities they would like to see made possible. Any student of the College has the opportunity to be elected onto the SRC, whether on a full time, part time or distance learning programme and either EU or Home students.
The Student-Staff Liaison Committee or SSLC provides a link between the student body and the College staff. The existence of the SSLC permits a discussion on issues that don’t fit within the stricter remit of the Academic Board.  We value this formal method of communication between students and staff and at all times appreciate the feedback of students.   The SSLC will meet twice a semester and will be a student led discussion.  Providing an opportunity for students to discuss teaching, learning and student support in an open manner, the SSLC is a vital channel of communication. The College will consult with the SSLC on any proposals to make changes to courses.

The College recognises it as the responsibility of the Student Representatives to gather feedback from the class groups they are representing, in order to engage in constructive and worthwhile discussions. In turn, they then expect the outcome of these discussions to be reported back to their fellow students. The ultimate objective of the SSLC is to work with their departments to find solutions to any problems that they encounter.
Student Representatives are elected democratically by each class group in a ballot, organised by the Principal, or academic support staff. Each group will nominate their representative. The decision of the class is normally indicated by a show of hands or ballot paper. This ballot is conducted in the sixth week of the course.

What matters to you, matters to us. Stratford College is focused on giving you a rewarding all-round educational experience and our policies and procedures are designed to support this aim. We expect students to attend all classes as key to success, but understand sometimes absence is unavoidable. Our aim is to support you in such instances. On the rare occasion where you are unhappy with any aspect of our services, we encourage you to let us know – our success depends on how much you enjoy your time with us.

There are feedback procedures in place for current and prospective students. Both involve informal and formal stages – as well as the option to appeal for current students. All complaints are confidential and will be resolved as quickly as possible.


Stratford College London (SCL) aims to ensure that learners diagnostically identified as having dyslexia will receive appropriate consideration in assessment on all accredited programmes.


Stratford College London accepts IELTS Band 5.5 or above or B2 for its HND/Undergraduate and 6.0 or above for Postgraduate courses. We are also registered with IELTS – Global

Recognition Systems:


Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)

As a higher education provider, the College seeks to comply with relevant legislation, that which impacts on College staff and students. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has produced three documents that summarise consumer rights for those students who are choosing or taking higher education courses. These documents provide guidance on consumer rights and where a student can get advice if there is a problem.

The first is a 60-second summary – “Undergraduate Students: Your Consumer Rights”, the second “Higher Education: guide to consumer rights for students”, which provides greater depth in the subject and the third “Reporting possible non-compliance with consumer law”.

Each of the documents is available from the following links,

or by using the Competition and Markets Authority website:
Higher education: consumer law advice for providers and students.